LIfe is precious

Are you thriving, or purely surviving?
“Human dignity is inviolable" §1 german constitution.
We made it absolute priority in the german constitution. Preciousness of the pure essence of life and the claim to protect it, is at the basis of any life friendly philosophical, spiritual thought system.

Yet, looking around our immediate daily environment as well as the global news, humankind seems to forget all too often. In the daily challenges and drama of existence our own innate dignity, as well as the one of others gets thrown over board as a matter of fact, but not as a necessary and ultimate solution.

Me being intrigued by why we challenge the pure enjoyment of being alive and how to change that pattern I found the eastern philosophy offering an abundance of wisdom to come back to simple celebration and to powerfully thrive instead of struggling to survive.

Swadharma, what does it mean?

“You’re free,
You’re powerful,
You’re love,
You have value
You have purpose,
All is well”
- Abraham Hicks

In short and modern wording it means: Find, connect to, never forget and act upon your life’s mission statement.

Go to the core of what you are, by assessing where you’re at and what you brought to this moment. Dig deep to find what fulfils and nourishes your body, mind and spirit. Crystallise it, make it palpable and then go ahead and build your thriving reality upon it.

Don’t know how yet?
You’re in the right place!

Here are some offerings to help your crystallising your unique powerful mission and develop the power to believe in it and celebrate it.


The roots of the word Swadharma

The word “Dharma” has a long history and different meanings in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and other indian philosophies. I use it in the Sanskrit meaning in which it promotes “the right way of life” in terms of universal laws and ethics of joyous and peaceful co-creation. I like to translate it as “response-ability”, the innate power to respond to life and express oneself in life authentically. While “Dharma” is often translated as ethical duty. I’d like to view Dharma, as a “life-task".

To complete the understanding of Swadharma it needs two more concepts:

“Karma” and “Prakriti".

“Prakriti" refers to the nature of our personality, our capabilities and innate talents that we brought forth forward into this existence.

“Karma” sums up our deeds. All our deeds. Ultimately, our current situation with all its completely individual circumstances, opportunities and obstacles are the sum of all previous activities, mental and physical, the respective fruit of the seeds that we sowed.

Bringing both together in each ones unique Dharma it’s our duty to make the best use of our abilities in our particular situation, new with every breath to the best of our knowledge and belief.

The last aspect of the word is the prefix “Swa”. "Swa" means now and is the door to knowledge. Always new, always fresh: now, not later, nor tomorrow, neither yesterday, for sure not someday.

Swadharma is the calling to tap into your individual power to own your life experience and thrive in it.

Come in and find out how!

I’m glad you’re here!

Photo credits to Wari Om Photography

Photo credits to Pascal Weis Photography