The "Off"-Button

The "Off"-Button

5 reasons why a Lunar Immersion can be an answer to the most common struggles of our time.

2. The "off button"

"I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers." -Khalil Gibran

The outer wolrd is only a reflection of inner world. If you look around your personal space you will find a majority of your equipment and gadgets being on "standby mode". It seems a nice idea to have everything at hand and ready at any point of time during or busy day and at the same time a research says that in Germany alone one nuclear power plant is running only for our gadgets running on standby modes, for the little LED lights telling us: "I'm ready, even if you're not." Many of you might know... but I recently discovered that my phone battery empties itself so fast because any app I use continues to run in the background even if I finished using it.

A week ago I went on a trip to Greece and unexpectantly had a full day free. I decided to spend it at the beach. And there I was all by myself, now child, no family, no friends, no electronics, music, etc. Only then, where I was alone with the sound of the waves and nothing than that, I realized how many "mind apps" and procedures create an overwhelming mental force which took the whole morning to slow down and realize: It's ok, slow down, breath and be, it is all taken care of.

I noticed that daily meditation and physical exercise in the fresh air is a beautiful habit, but it can not weigh off the business of being reachable 24/7 through phone, the billions of "notifications", newsletters, advertisements in all corners of our sight. Cities being light up all through the night keep us busy in our pattern of achieving on a physical level.

The question is: when do you really switch off? Apart from deep sleep phase. When can your nervous system reset? The Lunar Immersion offers an environment to really melt. To shut down defense mechanisms and ground you in receptivity. A chance to drop into a truly restorative pattern of activity, relaxation, nourrishment and ease. In 5 days you have the chance to find your own "off button" and get a very good idea where the "off button" in other people are.