Let Go

Let Go

Okrug Gornji, a Pizza ’n’ Grill, breathing deeply from walking uphill, with sticky shirts from the 40 degrees celsius and a heavy head from calculating miles and navigating our family through Europe trying to make the perfect choices ALL the time. We sit down, reflecting on our journey sipping ice cold orange juice with fizzy water, waiting for our vegetarian pizza and ... one of those light bulb moments:

"This could be really fun if we stopped trying to keep it together!"

We order a second round of ice cold fizzy orange to cool down the system within the almost unbearable 40 degree celsius, empty the bottle, walk to the little beach, rent a floating paddle boat that looks like a VW Beatle and slide into the Croatian sea. Who cares about the extra hours spent at the beach instead of making kilometres to reach our destination?

We do, our system does, our children do. An example of letting the journey be more important than the destination. From then on we don't care about camping sights and sanitary facilities. Instead we camp wild at the side of the road, see the most incredible sunrises in the morning, before continuing our journey through Europe. I personally am reminded and reassured: the European Union is a pretty cool and powerful endeavour. Just the pure fact of driving ones car across Europe, ones immediate experience leaves no doubt that the infrastructure and general smoothness of the journey benefits tremendously by the thought, structure and finances put into collaboration of countries. I love community and the European Union.

Waters we swam in:

* Millstätter See, Austria

* Mediterranean Sea, Okrug Gornji, Croatia

* Mediterranean Sea, Camp Kozica, Croatia

* Mediterranean Sea, Durres, Albania

* Lake Ioaninna, Greece

* Mediterranean Sea, Chalkida, Greece

And always remember:

There are unimaginable treasures hidden behind our need to control. There are treasures around every corner, we just have to get out of our own way. So what you read is our process of letting go... I'm excited to hear how yours looks like!