Time For Honesty

Time For Honesty

Time for some honesty my fellow free-lancer-mums

Some things we have to learn the hard way, depending on our capacity to suffer, some of us a little more hard and some a little less. Over the course of 14 years of practice Yoga has made it into all parts of my life (I thought), wellness got my field of expertise, coaching, massage, teaching, all of it gives me a certain level of awareness about the holistic health of a human. For a long time I managed myself pretty well as a free lancer in this field exploring its capacity to support my life sustainably. Sometimes I ended up at the edge of my loading capacity, although still with enough time left to catch myself through some good practice and recharge at retreats.

After the last bit of the “happy mommy love hormones” vanished I navigated myself into the energetic no man’s land. Without a deep sleep phase in two years combined with organising and teaching intensive retreats during early motherhood I finally hit my head against the wall without noticing it really. Until the sight of dark shadows under my eyes in mirror one morning were heavily bringing reality to the surface of my consciousness. In the strong and steady care for my baby, my husband, the studio, the house... I FORGOT MYSELF.


Here’s what took me out of that draining set up of “burning more fuel than is in the tank” forward into new quality of ease, trust in a new role in life, self determination and empowerment. All of the practices take us into the great big world of SELF CARE.

Join me for 5 aspects of SELF CARE:

1. self worthiness
2. personal practice
3. authenticity
4. confidence
5. dance