“Dance is like dreaming with your feet”

All of my teenager time I spent in the club, dancing. The Weekend started Thursday night and ended Monday morning at 3am. I walked in and onto the dance floor and I didn’t leave it until the lights went on to kick people out in wee hours of the morning. The rest of the week I spent in after school activities…. dancing.

Being the personality I am I took school very seriously and as hard as I partied as hard did I study. And when I look at it in retrospective I think it was actually the other way round: Dance became the compensation for the long hours at the desk with mountains of books. The feeling after a night on the dance floor was this heavily content physical emptiness and exhaustion after working through all the stress hormones that arose from the high standards I set for myself. The only pity just always was that clubs only open at night and even as a teenager I did need sleep, maybe not so much, but still at least a bit and getting up at 7am to go to school when coming home at 4am is not super sustainable.

Yoga flipped that whole thing upside down… literally. I took my Yoga practice as serious as my school and pretty soon I got up at 5:30am for mediation and asana before school. Clubbing? Not possible because falling asleep in meditation was not an option and the super loud music was also not very helpful for an equanimous mind. The music in Yoga classes gave my practice rhythm, but it’s just not quite the same than rocking the dance floor, which was certainly not about being seen, but about being one with the music.

Becoming a mother going out at night just wasn’t an option for the years breastfeeding. Exhausting myself in the night would have been suicide when knowing that someone’s gonna wake up the next day full power without any consideration towards a crapulous mother. Lea didn’t like loud music and so I needed an alternative…

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, life is about learning how to dance in the rain”

You might laugh, but I tell you honestly: I love Zumba!!! It became my party in the afternoon. I can come in my sneakers and dance the hell out of myself without any intrusive weirdos watching but with lots of cool beats and pouring sweat. What ever the type of dance; There is a pure pleasure in rhythm and the allowance of the body to be taken by it’s waves.

“Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time”

There is one dance that is completely divine and is the absolute and ultimate thing for me and that’s a life drumming party under open sky. When these things fall together my body and mind unite into a bliss state of knowing that all is just so perfectly well that I can truly relax into the present moment with an immense feeling of belonging and connection. A dear sister of mine once said: “Drumming is the heartbeat of the earth”. And she’s right!!!

No matter what dance you like, dancing is self care and it makes tremendously happy. I want to know where and how you dance!!!