Travel - First Aid

Travel - First Aid

​Alternative remedy list for traveling mums

January, the cold wind blows, the snow falls (in my case sadly more rain than snow) and leaves us cold to the bone. Naked branches, bare soil, the birds have left. Everything rests deep within itself. The sky turns grey, the sun seems on holiday...we citizens of the northern hemisphere want to follow the light, the warmth and feel the ease of summer. A life at the beach, light shirts, shorts and flip flops. Coconut water for breakfast and mango for lunch.

The asian paradise is almost perfect, if it wasn't for the those small creatures sucking our blood and colonising our intestines, or wounds and cuts in our skin. As much as Asia has to offer ripe, tasty fruits, white sand and a turquoise ocean, it has a trizillion of hungry mosquitoes and nasty bacteria and viruses.

Here's my list of tested remedies for small and big aches, some can be used preventative, some straight up in open wounds or cuts. This list does not give any promise that you stay healthy during your Asia experience even when all remedies are used in the most nerdy way. If Asia wants to get you, it gets you.

By booking your flight, you also book the risk of getting sick. Many times for me an extended detox-diarrhea-fast-deep-cleanse experience was part of my Asia trip and somehow, when looking back it, it was always a shedding of old layers and I came out with clarity and an enhanced life experience and the pure gratitude for being alive (and leave the safe zone around the bathroom).

When Indian micro organisms visited my daughter the first time, I remember how my husband took it personal. Like a personal attack, India against his family. I remember clearly (now smiling, back then not so much) how he got up angry and was about to book a flight at two clock in the morning when Lea woke up the 7th time vomiting from a nasty stomach bug. I also remember that this was the very day I got organised with a well propped travel kit.

This winter I actually consider staying at home, enjoying my two kids. Early nights, candles, books and art, root vegetables and resting, just as nature does. If you go, I wish you health and... eat some mangoes for me and dip in the ocean... I miss mother ocean.

I personally always travel with also:

Bamboo cutlery that comes in a handy bag. As mentioned: I love street food and something that the planet definitely does NOT NEED any more is plastic cutlery that has only been used once. In my ToGoWare bag is also a bamboo straw for my daily dose of coconut water.

  • Cacao

I don't do coffee, but I love cacao and when there is the luxury availability of alternative milk such as rice, oat or almond milk I do enjoy my home mixed cacao with coconut blossom sugar.

  • 2 lacrosse balls

Long plane and train rides take my thorathic spine out of place and gives me a tight neck. Keeping my body happy prolongs my patience with myself, the travel progress and my family. For me they are crucial.